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Manus Mac Meanmain lives in Enfield and is a house-husband. He is married and the father of five (four surviving) children. His wife is a nurse. 
He was inspired to stand for election by what he sees as the transfer of the nation's wealth from the productive working classes to the creditors of badly run banks.
Brian Lenihan's revelation (on RTÉ's Freefall programme) that the original banker bail-out came after an instruction by the head of the ECB, indicated to him that neither opposition party would have done anything different to the government, given their enthusiasm for following the EU's agenda. Their actions to ensure the passage of the finance act before the government fell indicate that contrary to their campaign statements and promises that they are not willing to undo the EU/IMF agreement, which is in fact an Irish tax-payer bail-out of German and other bond-holders.
Manus is concerned that despite what leading economists around the world say, a government by establishment parties will continue to transfer the wealth of the nation to mega-billionaire international financiers. 
Manus also supports Swiss-style popular initiative referendums. It was the power of the Icelandic people to petition the president for a referendum which delivered them from the fate now awaiting us, unless we do something about it.
Manus is standing for Comhar Críostaí because he supports the right to life at all stages. He opposes the erosion of civil liberties represented by equality legislation, which seek to inhibit the rights of free-speech, freedom of conscience and association. He is appalled that tax individualisation punishes single income families to coerce home-makers into the workforce and therefore deny many other families an earned income.

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